Unlocking the future

Unlocking the future

When August Home began four years ago, our mission was simple – to reinvent access to our homes, and get rid of keys in the process. What August has accomplished is to turn the dream of the smart home into a reality by allowing the entire family to come in and out of their home safely and reliably, while being unhindered by keys. Now, we are excited to expand and update our family of August products and interactions, bringing our mission one step further.

We have designed an entirely new lower cost August Smart Lock with many of our core features and functionalities. Utilizing premium materials, we have reduced the lock size into a narrow oval shape, fitting cleanly with traditional door hardware. As this lock does not have LED indicators, the visible thumb latch will clearly show whether the lock is in an open or closed position. The new lock also comes standard with DoorSense, the first time a lock will be able to confirm whether your door is fully closed or left ajar thanks to embedded sensors. If the door is not fully closed, the user will get a notification. The August Smart Lock is the perfect way for consumers interested in smart home products to make their first step – adding a beautiful Smart Lock to their door at a more affordable price.

Our flagship August Smart Lock was redesigned inside and out – making it the most advanced smart lock on the market. Now called August Smart Lock Pro, it comes equipped with Z-Wave Plus, HomeKit, and bundles with our August Connect users lock and unlock anywhere in the world. A new geometric pattern etched into the exterior aluminum ring adds tactility and visual interest. The design feat is in fitting all of the newly integrated technologies into the small form factor, without increasing the size of the existing product. The new lock also comes standard with DoorSense, whose functionality and awareness is visible in the improved app UI and design.

In addition to the new two new locks and DoorSense technology, we have also upgraded our Doorbell Cam. With a new motion triggered flood light, video recording, and improved video quality, the Doorbell Cam dramatically enhances the smart home ecosystem.

With August Home, we are continuing to make the smart home an accessible reality, providing intelligence and awareness at the door never experienced before.

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